The gsm of a towel (grams per square meter, g/m2) shows how much cotton per square meter the towel consists of.  LA MIENNE towels weighs 600gr/m2 This is a premium, luxury weight. The heavier towels have more cotton loops per square meter, tightly densed together creating a towel that is more absorbent.

    The LA MIENNE towels are made out of 100% cotton. The quality is called ”zero twist”. Zero Twist refers to the fibres that are used in the towel weave. This type of yarn isn’t spun in the typical way-the fibres are not twisted before they are woven. Because there is no twist to the fibres, they have a larger surface area which allows them to absorb moisture more easily and also dry quicker than regular cotton turning it into a more ecological towel due to the saving of energy.